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Planning Appeals

Land North of Ryme Road Planning Application – Appeal Hearing

This Appeal is now complete and we are in the hands of the Inspector. I wouldn’t expect a decision until after Christmas but you never know.

I think she was quite surprised by the strength of the village’s feelings and I hope she will give that some credence. Thank you to all of you who took time out to attend the Inquiry  (we had nearly 90 on the first day) – and the site visits.

Thank you also to those of you who spoke on Tuesday. The points were made clearly and positively. Peter Wadsly said that the points were all very cogent and were well made, so well done. And finally a very big thank you to David Torrance who worked tirelessly to ensure everyone was kept informed and encouraged residents to attend. This allowed me to concentrate on the Inquiry and feed points into our side as I noted them.

I think it would be unwise and give a hostage to fortune if I said what my view was as to where we stand!

Sadly, if we lose, we have no further recourse available. In this event the Parish Council will do it’s level best to engage with the builder – whoever they maybe – to come up with a good solution to the site.

David Gould
Chairman YRIPC


As I am sure you are aware a second application for 87 houses on the land north of the school was approved by WDDC Planning Committee in June. The Parish Council (PC), supported by the Sherborne branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), was most unhappy with the decision and through the good offices of Oliver Letwin our MP asked for the decision to be ‘called in’ for reconsideration by the Secretary of State for the Communities. In the interim the PC and CPRE initiated a legal review of the process with the view of going to Judicial Review (JR) in the event that the ‘call in’ did not take place.

The Secretary of State has now, sadly, decided that WDDC’s approval decision should stand and we have just heard that the legal review has concluded that JR would prove to be a fruitless exercise because the current deficit in West Dorset’s 5 year land supply would mean that development boundary and SUS2 policies would therefore be regarded as out of date.

We could ignore the legal advice and request JR but this would only act as a delaying tactic and the funding for the review would have to be raised through a precept and/or donations. We feel that we cannot justify this. As a result the PC has decided, reluctantly, to withdraw from seeking JR and the development will go forward.

We are, however, in discussion with the Developer about the site. Our first meeting was most productive and there will be a second one in November to which representatives of the residents of Stoneyacres have been invited. The PC will then engage with the Builder who purchases the site to discuss the proposed design. The Neighbourhood Plan Group is aware of the situation and will be developing definitive proposals on house design and site layout to be used in the parish and these will be discussed with the Builder before he puts in his Planning Application. In this way it is hoped that a compromise satisfactory to all parties will be achieved


Sunday 11 December: Ryme Intrinseca Carol Service at 6.30 pm in St Hipolytus Church


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Closure of recycling banks

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