Overlooking Ryme Intrinseca

Overlooking Ryme Intrinseca


This website aims to become a source of information for both the local community and those planning to visit or actually visiting this fantastic part of Dorset. We really need the local community to become involved by sending us news of forthcoming events, reports on recent events and photographs. In particular we would like to populate the Calendar with the dates of every activity which is going on within the Parish. The website has been designed to be more interactive by allowing you to use the Contact Us  page to send us some news, feedback or to ask a question or if you require an entry placed on the Calendar. The editor of the website will respond to the messages you leave or add your information. There is also an opportunity for you to join our e-mailing list through the contact us section. If you do so we will email you a copy of the Parish Council minutes together with any other information that we feel may be of interest. A very important section of this website is devoted to the development of the Neighbourhood Plan (Y&RINP) (NB: the Parish Plan has moved to the Parish Council pages) and is where information relating to this can be viewed. Additionally you can also access the Community Forum where you can read discussions, and leave comments, with regard to village issues. The Village Notice Boardwhich enables villagers to post information relating to the village, can also be accessed from the Community Forum Pages Details of Road Closure Notices are now available by clicking the highlighted text or the link below.

Website Review

We are in the process of reviewing the content and layout of the website and would be interested to receive your suggestions for any changes. It is important that the website reflects the needs and interests of the local community but we can only achieve this with your feedback.

Please use the contact us page to provide your feedback.

Potential Loss of Bus Routes 74  and 212

DCC have indicated that, as from 24 July, they intend to withdraw funding for a number of bus routes and which includes routes 74 and 212.
It is understood that the bus operators still have to decide how they will respond to this and it is thought likely that some routes will continue on a commercial basis although at this time we have no way of knowing which.
The Parish Council recognises that for some residents the bus is their only way of easily accessing Sherborne and Yeovil. We therefore intend to approach the bus operator to express our concern on behalf of residents who use the services and to establish what is now proposed. If closure is indeed intended it would be good to understand the criteria in terms of numbers and costs etc. that are needed to have them continue in one form or another. We also want to engage with our surrounding Parishes to see if some form of shared service and shared contribution were possible if this became necessary.
Alternatives, if closure is confirmed, would be some form of Community Transport (either arrangements with the existing Nordcat or Sedcat Service or a new standalone service) perhaps sponsored by one of the Community Trusts which the various Supermarkets support. An alternative is some form of shared car journey or neighbour scheme.

Chetnole & Stockwood Neighbourhood Plan Area Designation Consultation

West Dorset District Council has received an application for the designation of a neighbourhood plan area from Chetnole & Stockwood Parish Council. As an adjoining parish, we have been asked to publicise this consultation to raise awareness of it locally.

Neighbourhood plan areas have to be approved by the local planning authority and as part of the process a 4 week consultation period is required to give interested parties such as yours the opportunity to make comments. The consultation period will commence on Friday 17 February 2017 and end on Friday 17 March 2017.

A copy of the neighbourhood plan area application, together with details of how to make comments can be found at https://www.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/article/421795/West-Dorset-Weymouth–Portland-Neighbourhood-Area-Designations, alternatively the information is available at the council offices in Dorchester.


Friday 31 March: WVMU Lent lunch at midday in the Jubilee Hall

Saturday 1 April: Ryme Intrinseca Litter pick. Meet at the triangle at 9.30 am



You may receive an email appearing to be from BT suggesting that you have asked to terminate your account. Under no circumstances should you click on the link that is attached to the email. This is a scam so please delete the email to protect your computer.

A resident in Yetminster has received a scam telephone call.  The caller
claimed to be from an insurance company that could reduce the cost of
payments the resident was making on warranties they had for household
equipment.  The caller had some details relating to the resident and
sounded genuine, and then went on to ask for bank or credit card
details.  At this point in the conversation the would be victim who was
aware that this was a scam call, hung up.
Bogus/Scam callers have a variety of sophisticated methods, including
pretending to be police officers or banking advisors, to convince
victims that they are legitimate. On many occasions they have persuaded
people to transfer or hand over large sums of cash.
If you are the victim of a scam or wish to report a scam you can do so
by contacting Action Fraud.
Action Fraud is the UK’s national fraud and internet crime reporting
centre provide a central point of contact for information about fraud
and financially motivated internet crime. The easiest way to report
fraud or internet crime is by using the Action Fraud online reporting
To contact Action Fraud call 0300 123 2040 or visit
http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/ [2] to report a scam or fraud. While
Action Fraud is a reporting service, it also provides victims with
advice and guidance on how to limit their chances of becoming a repeat
victim of this type of crime.

Anyone with information about such scams can also call the Police on 101. Alternatively, call the free and anonymous Crimestoppers line on 0800 555 111 where mobile phone tariffs may apply.

Closure of recycling banks

Click here for information on the closure of the recycling banks.