Welcome to the Yetminster & Ryme Intrinseca Village Forum

welcome jpegThese pages are intended to act as a forum, and notice board for the village. The forum is in the form of a Discussion Page and a “Post Room” (where residents, and people who work within the Parish, can hold “discussions and conversations”, in the form of posted messages, about issues and activities that concern them and that relate to the local area) and a Village Notice Board  where details of your home fund raising event and other information such as road closures etc can be pinned up and viewed .

The Post Room is similar to a Chat Room but allows longer messages to be posted.

It is not necessary to log in to read existing messages although if you want          to post a message (or make a comment) you have to sign up with the forum,   and then subsequently log in – this is intended to control misuse of the site by outsiders.

Once you have submitted your message or comment the Webmaster will view it (to ensure it is suitable with regard to the Code of Conduct) and then add it to the Forum Page for everyone to read.

Click here to view the Village Notice Board but please note that this is intended to supplement but not replace the Notice Board in the Village Shop. Please use the Parish Contact form to have a notice added to the board.

 You can read and add to the Forum discussions by clicking here to visit the Post Room