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The NORDCAT Community Transport is available to enable people to get into Sherborne and Yeovil. Their service runs on Tuesday and Saturday to Yeovil and on Thursday to Sherborne and calls at Leigh, Chetnole, Yetminster & Bradford Abbas.

You need to register – 01258 473154 or 472164 for an annual fee of £5 and you can then ring to book a seat – they will collect from your door. The service can get busy so part of the need to book is to enable them to run an extra bus if this is necessary – you need to do this at least the day before you wish to travel.

Please note that although it is primarily service for people over 60 it is available for people of all ages who have difficulty using normal public transport for whatever reason including that there is no other service

Details of the NORDCAT service, including an application form, can be found by clicking here.

Additionally there is already a Car Share scheme in Dorset and this may help those who need to make a journey on a non bus day. Details of this, together with how to register etc. can be found by clicking here which will connect you to the Liftshare log in page – if you are a driver and want to offer a lift you can also register here and there is an App for a mobile phone to make things more flexible and details of this are available on the website.

The new School Bus contracts enable residents to use these buses during school term times and we hope to be able to publish details of these in the near future.

Finally don’t forget that Helping Hands is there to help with Hospital and other similar appointments and they can be reached on 01963 210953.

WVT Group

07941518772 or at


Folly Farm Development

Burrington Estates New Houses (they are a developer based in the South West and Yetminster will be their first development in Dorset) gave a presentation on their proposals re the above to the Parish Council on the 7th March. A number of residents attended the meeting and were able to ask questions and view the display panels that were available. This was followed by a “drop in” session at the Jubilee Hall, feedback from which was passed to the developer.

Burrington’s have now submitted their proposals re the “reserved matters” to the WDDC and the Parish Council have been asked, as a Statutory Consultee, to comment on these.

The full application is available on the Dorset for You Website and can viewed by clicking this link

Residents who wish to comment can do so using the process available on line or by writing to the WDDC Planning Department and quoting the address – Land Adjacent to Folly Farm, Thornford Road, Yetminster – and reference WD/D/18/00139.

Please note that comments must be submitted by the 7th September (time period for consultation has been extended).

Guidance on what are considered as “material considerations for objection” are also available on the WDDC website.


St Andrews Church – Refurbishment Appeal

Project to improve the versatility of the church and to fund maintenance work – see calendar for details of village meetings

Opening of the Yetminster Sports Club

Friday 13 July did not prove to be unlucky for Yetminster Sports club as a large crowd was in attendance to witness the formal reopening of the club. The event included a charity football match between the Yetminster All Stars and Huish, live music, disco and a raffle that raised a good sum towards for the Yetminster Fair which took place on the following day.

Neighbourhood Plan

We are now in the process of developing the Community’s Vision and the policies to achieve this. There is more information on the Neighbourhood Plan Pages and do look out for articles in the Wriggle Valley News. Do please contact us if you want to help!

Following the “Call for Sites”,  a number of potential development sites have been put forward for inclusion in the Neighbourhood Plan. Our recent Open Day has provided us with the community’s views on these and we will be evaluating the information over the forthcoming weeks.

The Strategic Environmental Assessment of the emerging plan has been provided by WDDC and has been added to the NP section

A warning to all dog owners

Many thanks to everyone  for their comments on the issue of dog owners not clearing up their mess. Most people agree that the practice of letting dogs off the lead is not a good practice on the sports field as even the most diligent of owners can occasionally fail to notice that their dogs have done their business.

Unfortunately we have now been forced to designated the Sports Field as a no go area for dogs as owners have repeatedly allowed their dogs to foul the area.


Sherborne Neighbourhood Policing Team has received reports of “Nottingham Knockers” in the Yetminster Area.
Nottingham Knockers will knock on your door trying to sell numerous household items to you. They will sometimes show you a form of ID however this will be bogus. They have often been known to produce a card saying they are deaf/dumb/just out of prison and working towards a better life for themselves but need your help to do so etc.
Please be aware this is a scam and the knockers try their best to get you to part with some money to “help” them. Please do not engage in conversation with these callers. Tell them you are not interested and do not invite them into your home.
Should any visit you and you have any concerns please contact Dorset Police with a full description and vehicle number plate details.
REMEMBER if cold callers don’t get any sales in your are, they are less likely to return.
PCSO 6269 Jones

Sport England Community Fund

Local sports clubs please note that Sport England have a new scheme which will offer up to £50,000 for capital items. They are particularly interested in schemes which will

  • improve and protect existing community sports facilities
  • invest in new and different places that meet the needs of local communities
  • contribute towards any of the key outcomes: physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, individual development, social and community development, economic development

Bids from a partnership of clubs and organisations are particularly welcome and although match funding is not a pre-requisite, it could strengthen the bid. Clubs that are interested in making a bid should contact the Parish Council using the contact form on this website.