Emerging from Covid


Special Meeting of Yetminster Short Mat Bowls Club…………. 01/07/2021@15.00

Called by Chairman Brian Read when restrictions are beginning to ease after Covid 19 Pandemic.

Present 21 friends and members.

Club stood remembering 3 members who had died this year, Terry Fellows, Pat Sims and  Gordon Lewis.

The Chairman, Brian Read, asked if anyone wanted to begin bowls again and there was a very positive response with most wanting to begin as soon as restrictions allow, Government and Jubilee Hall, hopefully before September.

Brian Read then said although he would lead this meeting, he was going to stand down for the future.

We were then asked whether we wanted to start bowls again on Wednesday nights or Thursday afternoons, or both. Generally, most were inclined to getting going, socially, on Thursday afternoons although there is a Parish council meeting booked on Wednesday July 14, and should the bowls club, at a later date, ask to re-instate the Wednesday night meeting, the Parish Council would move to a possible other night. (Contact David Torrance)

Brian Read asked what the thoughts were for using masks and Valerie Rowsell was able to answer on behalf of the hall committee, which has rules for the hall (a church hall) set by the Jubilee hall committee, and this could change. Masks are preferred when social distancing is not available.

We were asked if we still wanted to belong to the Dorset Short Mat Bowling Association which has considerable restrictions in place for bowlers. Discussion took place for and against DSMBA and it was decided that as the Yetminster club is not going to join in serious competitions, Paul would get quotations for Public Liability and Accident cover assisted by Alec Reek for telephone conversations etc:  Alec would contact Leigh club treasurer to ask them about their insurance cover. If enough players want to play competitively, then DSMBA cover can be added later.

Brian Read asked if anyone wanted to play competitions, not many said they wanted to, we need up to 9 members to join the Dorset League again.

As it needs someone to open up the hall (and put on heating 2 hours ahead of winter meetings), it was discussed who would be responsible as not many people should have knowledge of the key-box code. It was thought that careful discussion could be had with Paul as he has a key to the hall.

It also came up that in future, it would be assumed that everyone helps out to put out and pack away equipment when they arrive and leave, as well as sanitising chairs, door handles, toilets etc:

Brian Read repeated that we have no shortage of money, so use should be made to start the club going, i.e. club sanitisers, and such as coffee and tea would be had when the Hall allows. We may have to bring our own drinks for the moment.

Now, that leaves Paul Hallett as Treasurer, Brian Rowsell, who was club captain and who is standing down to join the committee, and Brian Crumpler as committee member. Paul will email everyone as soon as insurance is in place, and what the start date will be, so please pass on the start date and this letter, to anyone who does not have email contact.

Alec Reek will put a short notice in the Wriggle Valley Magazine

The meeting ended at 15.50

Lets see how things progress

Pat Smith      01/07/21

The club is now back open on Thursday afternoon in the Jubilee Hall at 2.00pm