Yetminster Allotments

A number of allotments are provided in Yetminster.
An allotment site is situated adjacent to the sports ground.
25 allotments are available for parishioners at a rental fee of £30 per year (£15 for those over the age of 65). Half plots are available. The soil is good and a water supply is available on site.
Further details may be obtained from the Clerk to the Parish Council.

Gardening Jobs for November

  • Check that brassicas are firmly in the ground, staking if necessary and remove yellowing leaves
  • Lift and store carrots, beetroot and leeks should now be ready for use
  • Sow peas and broad beans and plant garlic
  • Cut down chrysanthemums
  • It is not too late to plant outdoor bulbs
  • Clean the inside and outside of the greenhouse
  • Plant fruit trees, bushes and hedges
  • Gather leaves, run the lawn mower over them to break them down and put them in plastic bags in which you have made some holes with a garden fork. Put them at the bottom of the garden and you should have a good mulch or compost by next summer.
  • Lift rhubarb, leave the plants out until the New Year then replant into soil that has been enriched with well-rotted manure
  • Gather seeds from plants such as loves lies bleeding, nicotiana and marigold, place them in a paper bag or envelope in a cool, dry place until next spring