It has been decided to re-open the Church with a Harvest Festival on Sunday, 13th September at 10.30 am. led by Revd. Kate Konrad.

Coronavirus Controls:

  • The Church will be cleaned on Wednesday, 9th and then closed for 72 hours until Sunday morning.
  • On arrival there will be social distancing between the seats and every other row will be left empty.
  • Hymn books will be placed on the chairs to show where you may sit – couples can sit together – and the books should be taken home with you.
  • The pew bibles will be removed.    
  • You should come wearing a face mask or covering and a hand sanitiser will be provided.
  • The service will last 30 – 40 minutes.
  • We will have an organist but we are not allowed to sing.
  • Readers, if required, will stand up in their places and read. 
  • When the service ends, people will leave from the back row first.,

As this is a Harvest Festival, we will be donating gifts of money or goods to the Lord’s Larder.

Gifts should be in cans, bottles, jars or packets and a basket will be provided in the porch for these and a plate for monetary donations.

We hope these precautions will make you feel safe to attend our re-opening.