The Community Infrastructure Levy Working Group (CILWG) is responsible for administering the neighbourhood proportion of the CIL Fund on behalf of the Parish Council. As such, it is recognised that it is essential that the Community are involved in the identification of suitable projects and initiatives at an early stage.

The community will therefore be encouraged to make suggestions in either direct response to requests made in the Wriggle Valley Magazine or through Council Members or the Clerk. The CILWG may identify potential projects themselves or will approach organisations and individuals who it is felt can contribute ideas and suggestions for projects.

Once suggestions and ideas are received these will be registered and developed into project outlines by the working group using the proforma that has been developed. If necessary the person or organisation making the suggestion will be asked to develop their ideas further or may be invited to meet the group for further discussions. External agencies will be involved as through necessary.

A Matrix will be developed and used to help the selection process and to help ensure transparency. The envisaged time period will be 3 months (May 2021 to August 2021) for the initial submissions and evaluations.

Hopefully, a balanced portfolio of schemes will be agreed and approval for these sought at the September meeting of the Parish Council, Dorset Council having been consulted and asked for their views beforehand.

Further projects may come forward or evolve once work starts and reassessment may be  deemed necessary if a new idea significantly outweighs a previously agreed one.

The successful proposals will be taken forward and managed to completion within the funding timescale.

Last updated 10/03/2022 DIT