The YRIPC Parish Plan

A Parish Plan is a statement of how a community sees itself and how it wants to develop. It includes the things which are relevant to the  people who live and work in the area, and reflects their concerns and aspirations.

The YRIPC Parish Plan is the end result of the process started by the original working party in 2005.

The analysis of the result of the original survey, undertaken by Dorset Community Action, have been used to develop the various issues identified into an Action Plan. The is central to the Parish Plan and details what it is felt should be the actions necessary to deal with these issues and the partners to facilitate the implementation of the plan, have also been identified.

It is appreciated that there is an argument that the original survey is no longer relevant as people have moved into and out of the parish. However Dorset Community Action have confirmed that the data obtained can still be considered reliable and this has subsequently been confirmed through a further survey and a series of “surgeries” where people had an opportunity to discuss their views and concerns with members of the working group involved with developing the plan.

The Parish Plan is available to view, and to download using the pull down menu, by clicking the link below. Also now available is the 1st report on progress with the implementation of the plan.

Whilst you are encouraged to use the Parish Website to view the Plan, paper copies (although limited in number) are available and we would be happy to provide you with one if you so wish. Please contact the Clerk to the Council to arrange this. Please also contact the Clerk if you would like to be involved in any of initiatives outlined in the Plan.

Click here to access the Parish Plan

Click here to view the report on progress