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GWR Travel disruption (10/05/2021)

Hitachi investigations continue and they are working hard to put remedial plans in place.  For now however, it is clear that we will need to operate without the vast majority of our Intercity Express Trains on Monday. 

Our advice therefore remains not to travel on our long-distance routes.  Refunds can be claimed through the GWR website www.gwr.com, or tickets can be used for travel on services later this week or at the weekend. 

Local, branch and regional services are unaffected. 

We are working on options that will help us to operate a limited long distance timetable.  It will be much reduced, but we are looking at every option to see what can be done to keep customers moving.

This includes looking at trains that might be available and can be moved from other parts of the country, including Charter trains, using buses for some journeys, agreeing ticket acceptance on other train services and making the best use of our other fleets including extending the use of our Thames Valley electric fleet to Swindon.

Details of the revised timetable will be entered into journey planners by Network Rail and should be in place from midnight tonight, we will also provide updates on our website www.gwr.com  We have brought more staff into stations and onto our social media platforms to help with advice and we will do our best to keep everyone informed.

It will be challenging while the problem is resolved and it is likely to mean that those trains that are in service are busy.

National Plan for Cold Weather

The Cold weather plan (CWP) for England describes useful prompts for safety and wellbeing in winter and the best time to take action.

The time at which specific actions should be taken is based on the Met Office Cold Weather Alert Levels. These are explained at the beginning of the plan. These alert levels are now commonplace on all UK weather forecasts across the media. To monitor the regional forecast and see current alert levels please see the Met Office website.

There is an average of 27,000 extra winter deaths each year resulting from cold weather. By following the documents produced by the Department of Health, families, communities, and health and social care settings will be able to reduce the risk to vulnerable people.

A Cold Weather Alert can be issued any time between 1 November and 31 March and the definition of severe cold weather is 2°C and/or snow and ice. 

Stay warm this winter

The NHS have produced guidance which is aimed at supporting vulnerable people over winter. The NHS Stay Well This Winter initiative has involved a number of Government Departments, Industry Bodies and Voluntary Sector partners including the British Red Cross, Royal Volunteer Service, Dorset Churches Together, St John Ambulance and the Salvation Army working together to provide top tips on advising people how to keep themselves and their families warm, healthy and safe through the cold winter.

The Public Health Dorset website also has advice on health protection.

Register as a high priority service user with your utilities provider

You can contact either Wessex Water Customer Care Plus or Southern Electric vulnerable customers registration to register as someone who is a potentially vulnerable customer. This might be because you rely on power to run medical equipment in you home or that you heating is only powered by electricity.

Order fuel early

In recent winters the oil industry has seen an increase in demand for domestic and business oil deliveries throughout December. The supply for such demand can be badly affected if snow and wide spread ice affects the road network in Dorset.

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