Yetminster Allotments

A number of allotments are provided in Yetminster on a site situated adjacent to the sports ground.
25 allotments are available for parishioners at a rental fee of £32 per year (£16 for those over the age of 65). Half plots are available. The soil is good and a water supply is available on site.
Further details may be obtained from the Clerk to the Parish Council.

Gardening Jobs for January and February

  • Tomato and chilli seeds can be sown in trays and placed either on a sunny windowsill or in a heated propagator. The lack of light can result in leggy plants so considering creating a tin foil reflector on the north side of the trays to increase the amount of light
  • Onions can be sown, but they like cool conditions
  • If the ground is dry enough, complete your winter digging
  • Dig a runner bean trench and fill with kitchen compost
  • Continue to lift leeks, swedes and parsnips
  • Prune apple and pear trees but not plum and damsons
  • Turn the compost heap
  • Air the greenhouse
  • Wash all seed trays and pots
  • Read through your seed catalogues and get ordering
  • If it is warm broad beans and peas can be sown into the ground in late February
  • Start forcing rhubarb in late February
  • The end of February is sowing heaven for the gardener with a greenhouse (or lots of windowsills); lettuce, sprouts, summer cabbages, beetroot in plugs, lobelia, begonia, hollyhocks
  • Cover the ground with cloches or plastic to heat up the soil