Yetminster Allotments

A number of allotments are provided in Yetminster on a site situated adjacent to the sports ground.
25 allotments are available for parishioners. The current rental fee of £32 is currently under review. There are currently two and a half plots which have recently been cleared and are available for immediate use. The soil is good and a water supply is available on site.
Further details may be obtained from the Clerk to the Parish Council or by using the contact us facility on this website.

Jobs for June and July

  • Hoe between rows of vegetables to suppress weeds
  • Water in very dry spells
  • Plant out brassicas such as winter cabbage and broccoli
  • Harden off and plant our courgettes, squash and pumpkins
  • Harvest and resow salad crops like lettuce and radish every two weeks
  • Continue to earth up main crop potatoes
  • Dig up early potatoes as the tops start to die back
  • Pinch out the side shoots of tomato plants
  • Remove small apples from trees to encourage others to grow larger