New draft Local Plan for the new Dorset Council unitary authority

Dorset Council are producing a new Local Plan which, once adopted, will replace the existing West Dorset Local Plan and guide decisions on planning applications in the Dorset Unitary Authority for the next 15 years. It outlines the strategy for ensuring the growth that the area needs happens in the right places, and is of the right character and quality, while protecting Dorset’s natural environment and acting on climate change. It also ensures that the right level of services is provided, including schools, as well as retail, leisure, and other community facilities – it is important to remember that where a Neighbourhood Plan is made part of the development plan, its policies will take precedence over the existing non-strategic policies in the local plan for that neighbourhood where they are in conflict.

The actual draft Local Plan can be accessed by clicking here

This map shows where possible proposed draft Local Plan policies are mapped and can be viewed by clicking here

Details of the proposals for the Northern Area can be found by clicking here

The time period for comments has now closed although you will be able to provide feedback on the finalised plan at the end of the year

Details of the draft of the Yetminster & Ryme Intrinscea Neighbourhood Plan being developed for the parish can be found by clicking here

Dorset Council’s Annual Resident’s Survey

It’s the annual Dorset Council residents’ survey and they want to hear from you – there is also the chance to win a prize of £1000 or one of 3 annual garden waste collection services!

Tell them what you think about where you live and how you feel about Dorset Council. This year there are some extra questions about the impact of COVID-19 and what access you have to the internet.

Your responses will be used to inform improvements to council services. The survey takes about 5 minutes to complete. You can access the survey by clicking here

Dorset Council Waste Services

Food recycling, rubbish and glass collections are taking place as usual. Missed collections can be reported here. Household recycling centres (HRCs) remain closed as trips there are not currently covered by central government “essential travel”. We are busy planning for when restrictions are lifted/relaxed and will re-open HRCs as soon as we can. Street cleansing (inc. bin emptying) is still happening in most areas, if less frequently. If a bin is full, please take your litter and/or bagged dog waste home and put it in your rubbish bin.

Garden Waste Service Resumes 

Garden Waste collections have resumed and customers should put their bins out on their usual collection day. New subscriptions are still suspended.

Help Your Collection crew

With people staying at home, there has been an increase in rubbish and recycling at the kerbside. At a time when our workforce is stretched, this can be challenging.
Please note the following ways you can help our front-line waste workers: –
• Make sure your bins are out by 6am on your collection day
• Please continue to put the right stuff in the right bin
• Switch to products with less packaging, such as from glass bottles to cans
• Do not fill any recycling box or bin higher than the top of the box/bin itself
• If you have excess recycling (especially glass), please place it out for collection in a sturdy container that can be easily lifted by one person without the contents spilling or falling out. Do not use plastic bags
• Park considerately, allowing for our vehicles to access your street.

How do I find out about recycling and rubbish collection?

Full details of the service, including the day and type of collection can be found here 

Generally, the collection day is either Thursday (most of Yetminster) or Friday (Ryme Intrinseca)

New kerbside bin collection arrangements

With the need to introduce new safety measures residents are asked to help by changing the way litter bins, litter and recycling are dealt with. You do not need to do anything differently on your collection day. Please put the appropriate bins out as you usually would, but note the following: –

We will no longer return to empty any missed bins until your next regular collection day. If your bins are missed, please bring them back in. Store your waste safely and put it out on your next appropriate collection day
We will pick up extra black bin rubbish only if your previous rubbish collection was missed. We will continue to pick up food waste weekly. You can also put out extra recycling provided it is separated correctly
Do not try to report missed collections to us. Visit the service disruption pages online to check if you are in an affected area
Remember to crush and flatten items (not glass) before throwing away, as this will help create space in your bins and our collection vehicles. Put your glass box out when it is full
Please continue to observe public health guidance on handling your waste. If you have symptoms of coronavirus, please double bag your waste and store for 72 hours before placing in your bin or blue sack.
Wash your hands both before putting your bins out and after taking them back in
• We recommend rinsing dirty rubbish and recycling items before placing in bins to reduce unpleasant odours.

As we have had to redeploy employees to higher-priority services, our street-cleansing, household recycling centres and recycling banks in car parks have also been suspended. Therefore: –

If you go out to exercise, take your litter home with you, especially dog waste. Street and dog bins are not being emptied on a regular basis. NEVER place household waste in a street litter bin

Household recycling centres (HRC, or ‘the tip’)

Centres are now open but please follow the instructions on how to enter the site

How do I report a pothole in the road?

There is a section of the Dorset For You website which explains how to contact Dorset County Council to report a pothole in the road, a pothole in a pavement or deterioration of the edge of the road. Go to If you are reporting an emergency that requires immediate attention, please contact Dorset Direct on 01305 221020 during office hours (8.30am-5pm).
For out of hours emergencies please call 0845 0678 999.