PROGRAMME 2022-2023


Wednesday 14th September 2022

(Short) AGM followed by talk given by Brian Bates entitled:  “When the Germans Invaded Dorset”

Brian Bates is a Dorchester-based local historian.  He will tell the story of German prisoners of war arriving in Dorchester during the First World War.  By the end of the war, 4,500 were housed in a POW camp on the edge of Dorchester.  He will describe life in the camp and the effects on the local community.

Wednesday 12th October 2022:

Lady Wortley Montagu  (Jo Willett)

Jo Willett is a well-known TV drama and comedy producer, and author of ‘The pioneering life of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu’.  She will speak on this scientific campaigner, traveller, writer and feminist.

Wednesday 9th November 2022:

The Stuckeys and Stuckey’s Bank (Janet Seaton)

Janet Seaton is Chairman of the Langport & District History Society.  The Stuckey family of Langport started Stuckey’s Bank, which grew to become the leading bank in the West Country, had a banknote circulation second only to the Bank of England and was an influential voice in national finance and government circles.

Wednesday 8th February 2023:

Bletchley Park (David Kenyon)

David Kenyon is a historian and is the archivist at Bletchley Park, now a museum.  During WW2 it was the home of the Government Code and Cypher School and became the  principal centre of Allied code-breaking, including cracking the codes used by the German Enigma Code Machines, one of which was captured from the Germans.

Wednesday 8th March 2023:

History and Location of Dorset Ley Lines (Garfield Hunter-Mcilveen)

Garfield Hunter-Mcilveen has studied in various mainstream, alternative and spiritual fields, including the history and location of ley lines in Dorset.  Ley lines may be described as ancient tracks used for navigational purposes, or straight alignments drawn between various historic structures and prominent landmarks.


Visits 2023

Wednesday 12th April:  Athelhampton House

Wednesday 10th May:  Dean’s Court Wimborne

Wednesday 14 June : Sutton Bingham (Wessex Water)

Monday 10th July:  Priest’s House/Church/Muchelney Abbey


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