Reports and Papers accompanying Agendas

This list enables the Agenda with a specific report to be identified and viewed. The meeting date when the report or paper were considered is given together with the report or paper title.

2021 /August – Summary of Reports Accompanying Agenda 4th August 2021

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  • Appendix B – Report on progress with the Electric Car Charging Points initiative
  • Appendix C – Report to broaden the ability for YRIPC correspondence and notices of decision etc to be drawn up and issued in the name of the Clerk by one or more nominated Councillors
  • Appendix D – Report noting the proposal by Dorset to develop a Bus Service Improvement Plan and, separately, the loss of the TESCO bus service and suggesting re-establishing the Wriggle Valley Transport Group to represent the needs of the community in any future rural transport initiative.
  • Appendix E – Report recommending extension of the Sports Club Lease by 3 months to enable the lessee to produce a Business Plan and for the new contract to be agreed.
  • Appendix F – Quotation from Auditor for an Interim Audit to review financial activity to ensure mistakes are remedied before the End of Year Audit

2021 / July – Summary of Reports Accompanying Agenda 14th July 2021

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  • Appendices A,B,C, D available within the Parish Council pages as noted
  • Appendix E – Report on the refurbishment of the Stake Cross finger post
  • Appendix F – Quarterly Financial Statement
  • Appendix G – Planning Report

2021 / MaySummary of Reports Accompanying Agenda 5th May 2021

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  • Appendix B – Request to Crowdfund to raise funds for the Hamcrate Playground Improvements
  • Appendix C – Progress in relation to Flooding Issues at Bow Bridge, Yetminster
  • Appendix D – Progress in remedying defective sewage arrangements at Brister End, Yetminster
  • Appendix E- Update on progress with planting at the Meaden / Cloverhay boundary, Yetminster
  • Appendix F – Protocols and processes to seek the involvement of the Community in the determination of projects and initiatives
  • Appendix G – Report on Progress with the Neighbourhood Plan
  • Appendix I – Report on Planning Issues

03/02/2021 (Infrastructure) Condition of Fingerposts
03/02/2021 (Information) Progress re Installation of Notice Boards
03/02/2021 (Infrastructure) Progress with installation of gate to the Pound
03/02/2021 (Website) Statistics on Usage
03/02/2021 (Amenities) Proposal to support Rights of Way Walking Group
03/02/2021 (Amenities) Leaseholders Statement on usage of the Sports Club
03/02/2021 (Neighbourhood Plan) Progress Report
02/12/2020 – Roles Matrix

2020/4th October
Request for additional funding for unforeseen additional work relating to the emerging Neighbourhood Plan

2020 /4th October
Report on progress with the Neighbourhood Plan

2020/9th September
Replacement Notice Boards Update Report – view report here

2020 /9th September – Analysis of Hamcrate Allotment Survey
Analysis of Survey of Hamcrate Allotment Users – view report here

2020/12the August – Financial Statement
Financial statement accompanying 12th August Minutes – view Financial Statement here

2020/12th August – Chairman’s Report 2019 – 2021
This report reviews the Council’s activities over the last year and identifies aims and activities for the ensuing year – view report here

2020/12th August – Allotment Notice Board – resubmitted proposal for decision
This report revisits an earlier identified perceived need to provide a notice board to serve the Hamcrate Allotments – view report here

2020/4th March – Review of the Hamcrate Allotments
This report reviews the existing arrangements regarding the Hamcrate Allotments in Sussex Farm Way Yetminster, identifies potential shortcomings, makes proposals to overcome these and outlines a strategy for the future. – view report here

2020/4th March – Progress with Implementing the Financial Recommendations
This report reviews the recommendations made by Darkin Miller (auditors) in their report dated 2nd July 2019 relating to the audit of the 2018 to 2019 YRIPC Accounts and comments on the progress made to implement them Revised report withdrawn pending quotations . – view original report here

2020/4th March – Update on meeting with the DC Flood Manager
This is an update following the meeting between Cllr Cox and Mr Richards the Flood Manger for DC to clarify responsibilities and to lay the foundations for a way forward to hep mitigate the effects of flooding.

2019/4th September – Ryme Intrinseca Sign Post Refurbishment
The maintenance of the 4 Finger posts within the parish is the responsibility of the Parish Council. The Parish Council agreed, at its meeting on the 4th September 2019 to provide funding to enable the fingerposts to be refurbished on a rolling 4-year programme and to set aside an amount in the annual precept to cover this. It also agreed, in principle, to the specific refurbishment of the Ryme Intrinseca Finger Post which had been badly damaged subject to final costings being submitted. This report now details these costings.   – view report here

2019/6th February – Provision of New Notice Boards
At the meeting of the Council on the 5th December 2018 it was agreed that the Parish Council’s Notice Board in Ryme Intrinscea was no longer fit for purpose. This paper explores the various options available and provides details of the costs involved – view report here

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