Adopted 28/1/76, as amended 2/2/81, 25/10/88, 22/9/92 & 28/2/2013
It was resolved:

1. that the title “Yetminster Fair Association” (the “Association”) shall be adopted.
2. that the object be to revive the Old Yetminster Street Fair and to raise money for community, social and environmental projects and organisations through this and other fund raising activities such as the Committee may agree and organise.
3. that the Committee shall consist of a Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and a minimum of 4 other members.
4. that the Committee shall meet on a regular basis and at such times as agreed by the officers and members in order to transact its business in a proper and documented manner.
5. that the Association’s financial year shall be from January to December and that the end of year accounts shall be audited by a professional accountant (or similarly qualified person) before presentation at the subsequent Annual General Meeting.
6. that an Annual General Meeting shall be held on the last Thursday of November each year.
7. that the Association shall, prior to the Annual General Meeting, invite written applications for funding from local community organisations.
8. that the award of funds (as grants) shall be determined solely at the discretion of the Committee.
9. that the Association shall publish, in a suitable local newsletter or other publication, details of the awards made.
10. that any money left remaining with the Association upon its dissolution and / or temporary suspension of the Fair and associated fund raising activities shall be entrusted to an appointed Trustee to accrue interest and to be reviewed every five years to enable the Fair to be held at a later date.
11. that the Chairman shall have the right to veto the application of any new Committee member and can ask an existing member to leave the Association where their actions or behaviour is deemed not to represent the ideals or ethos of the Association.

The YFA Committee meets once a month, 10 times a year (there are no meetings in August or December) on the last Thursday of the month at the White Hart, Yetminster