What it means to be a Parish Councillor

A Parish Councillor is not a paid employee or volunteer, but is an elected or co-opted representative who freely volunteers their time to work on behalf of their local communities.

As a councillor, you have a responsibility to be well-informed, especially about diverse local views. You cannot assume that you represent the interests of all your electors without consulting them.

As a Parish Councillor you should:-

  • attend meetings when summoned to do so; the notice to attend a council meeting is, in law, a summons, because you have a duty to attend.
  • we meet every month except December and August
    consider, in advance of the meeting, the agenda and any related documents which were sent to you
  • take part in meetings and consider all relevant facts and issues on matters which require a decision
  • vote on key issues
  • ensure that the council is properly managed
  • represent the whole community
  • be willing to serve on a sub committee on such things as planning, finance, grants, or website

Use the contact us page to register your interest.

There is a “formal” process to become a Councillor consisting of an interview, declaration of interests and approval by the Council members.