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Outbreaks of rain will steadily push southeastwards and the arrival of Storm Dennis brings the likelihood of disruption due to heavy rain and strong winds. Gusts of up to 70mph are possible in exposed locations. The wet and very windy conditions continue over the weekend and next week looks unsettled but high pressure may begin to have more influence in the south – 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th February


Driving through flood water is dangerous. If you are able to use an alternative route then do so; it’s far better to arrive late than not to arrive at all. Only drive through flood water if you are sure that it is shallow and, when making the decision on whether to drive through it or not, you should bear in mind the following facts:
30cm of flowing water is enough to move the average family car
60cm of standing water will float a car
15cm of fast flowing water can knock a pedestrian off their feet.

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Environment Agency Flood Warnings for Yetminster can be viewed by clicking here  


The NORDCAT Community Transport is available to enable people to get into Sherborne and Yeovil. Their service runs on Tuesday and Saturday to Yeovil and on Thursday to Sherborne and calls at Leigh, Chetnole, Yetminster & Bradford Abbas.

You need to register – 01258 473154 or 472164 for an annual fee of £5 and you can then ring to book a seat – they will collect from your door. The service can get busy so part of the need to book is to enable them to run an extra bus if this is necessary – you need to do this at least the day before you wish to travel.

Please note that although it is primarily service for people over 60 it is available for people of all ages who have difficulty using normal public transport for whatever reason including that there is no other service

Details of the NORDCAT service, including an application form, can be found by clicking here.

Additionally there is already a Car Share scheme in Dorset and this may help those who need to make a journey on a non bus day. Details of this, together with how to register etc. can be found by clicking here which will connect you to the Liftshare log in page – if you are a driver and want to offer a lift you can also register here and there is an App for a mobile phone to make things more flexible and details of this are available on the website.

The new School Bus contracts enable residents to use these buses during school term times and we hope to be able to publish details of these in the near future.

Finally don’t forget that Helping Hands is there to help with Hospital and other similar appointments and they can be reached on 01963 210953.


For information on the availability of the Household Recycling Centres during the Coronavirus restriction click here


Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of waste on any land. If the Fly-Tipping is on either public or private land, the site will be investigated for evidence and appropriate legal action taken. However, Dorset Council will only clear waste from the public highway or public land. Waste deposited on private land is the landowner’s responsibility to clear and we cannot remove this waste.
Those caught fly-tipping can be prosecuted under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. Every year councils spend a considerable amount of time and money removing this waste from the landscape. Dorset Council will always try to remove fly-tipping as soon as possible. The site will be investigated for evidence and the appropriate legal action taken. If they can trace the persons responsible for fly-tipping they can recover their costs.
Use the Dorset Council on line reporting form by clicking here
Simple rules for reporting fly-tipping

• do not remove any evidence found from the fly-tipping location, for
example, addressed letters
• be as specific as possible when describing where the incident has
• if you see the incident occurring do not approach the persons involved
• if you see a person/vehicle involved in an environmental crime take as many details as you can, for example, description of the person or
vehicle registration
• you may be asked to provide a witness statement and/or attend court in subsequent legal action


Folly Farm Development

Burrington Estates (Yetminster) – they are a developer based in the South West and Yetminster will be their first development in Dorset – are now underway with the development work which is expected to take 2 years.

As part of the Planning Approval, West Dorset Council have agreed the Construction Traffic Management Plan which allows for the traffic movement times to be staggered around the school times and it is hoped that this will avoid congestion around St Andrews when the children are going to and from the school.

The Parish Council will continue to encourage the developer to liaise with the school and nearby residents to minimise the impact of the construction.

The full application (including the CTMP) is available on the Dorset for You Website and can viewed by clicking this link


What’s on this week can be viewed on the front welcome page where there is also a link to the Wriggle Valley Magazine’s Diary Pages which gives a full list of events and meetings for the month.

You can view a list of regular meetings by clicking here


Not a scam, but…

Neighbourhood apps are becoming more popular because people want to be more involved with their communities, and because they provide a feeling of enhanced security.

A number of residents have received postal mail from an organisation calling itself “Nextdoor”. The letters appear to come from someone living nearby and invite you to download the Nextdoor app however, the person named in the letter may be unaware that their name is being used in this way

The app ostensibly enables you to find out what is going on in your neighbourhood and it can be used to share safety tips, or simply communicate with neighbours based on their location – in this way it is different from many other apps (Facebook etc) where people are encouraged to form their own groups.

It is understood that the app has had negative media feedback as it gives a false sense of security but despite this Nextdoor intends to keep mailing out letters on its users’ behalf.

Like many others of its kind, Nextdoor gathers information about their “customers” and uses it for targeted marketing. Given the type of data – community information, locations, names etc. – this is extremely valuable for marketing purposes but could also be a security issue. Sharing your information with people that live in your neighbourhood, but that you really do not know very well, is not particularly a safe thing to do – for example asking everyone to keep a look out while you are away is perhaps inviting trouble!

Stay safe online and remember there is already a Village Facebook page and a parish website which have local information, do not market your information for sales purposes and which are monitored.

YRIPC Website Group

Community Infrastructure Levy – We want your ideas and suggestions!

The development of Folly Farm has meant the release of funding in the form of a Community Infrastructure Levy the intention being that this is used locally over the next 5 years to help offset the potential demands that will be placed on the “infrastructure” of the parish by the new development.

There is a degree of flexibility in how this is interpreted but eligibility for CIL Funding will generally fall within the following areas – Green Infrastructure and recreation provision serving the needs of the wider area; Culture & Leisure Facilities; Waste Management Facilities; Transport, including highway safety and improvements, bus services, walking and cycle improvements.

As an example, a project could propose the increase in the Hamcrate Allotment Area with new space being set aside for the residents from the new housing development. Alongside  this could be an initiative to engage with the Highways Authority to provide a permanent pavement to provide safer access at Brister End to the Hamcrate Play Area and the Hamcrate Sports Field to encourage newcomers to the village to use these facilities.

A more general “recreational” proposal could be better signposting of the Rights of Way and the provision of Village Maps at key locations showing these and where facilities are thereby encouraging newcomers to explore and “own” their area .

A further initiative could perhaps be the recognition that soft landscaping may be desirable to neutralise some of the boundaries caused by the different styles of development within the Parish over the last 50 years to make a more homogeneous mix.

The Parish Council has set up a working party to administer the fund and we want the Community to be involved in the identification of suitable projects and initiatives at an early stage. Your suggestions and ideas are therefore sought, the intention being that there will be a “pool” of initiatives from which to draw on so as to produce a balanced distribution of the levy.

So, if you have an idea or are keen to develop an initiative that you feel that the CIL Fund might be able to help with please use the contact form on the Parish website

Neighbourhood Plan

We are now well advanced with the process of developing the Community’s Vision and the policies to achieve this. There is more information on the Neighbourhood Plan Pages and do look out for articles in the Wriggle Valley News and also on our dedicated website ( and Facebook page. Do please contact us if you want to help!

The Parish Council Working Group are reviewing the results of the the statutory Pre – Submission Consultation and are grateful to all those who responded –

The consultation period was for 6 weeks and the results will be used to amend and review the draft document before finalising it, and the supporting information, for submission to Dorset Council in order that the review by the Independent Examiner can take place. Once this has been done, they will call a referendum so that the community can vote whether to accept the plan.


There is a public access defibrillator in the village and this is sited externally on the side wall to the car park at The White Hart.

Further potential sites at both Brister End and The Meadens are being considered for a possible second unit – more details to follow…

While it is good news to have a defibrillator in the village, it is important to remember that in the event of a cardiac arrest, the very first thing you should do is call 999.

Dog Fouling

Most areas of Dorset have dog fouling orders. Each authority will have followed the procedure and guidance written under the Antisocial Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014 to produce orders including appropriate consultation. These orders enable authorised officers to serve Fixed Penalty Notices to any person responsible for a dog that fouls and does not clean up any mess left by the dog on the designated public spaces.
Owners can also be prosecuted in the Magistrates Court where a fine of up to £1,000 can be imposed.

Reporting Dog Fouling

It is essential that incidents of dog fouling are reported as this will enable the Dog Warden to assess the severity of the problem so that the correct response can be made.
Use this link to report an incident of dog fouling – Report Fouling

The Dorset Waste Partnership will investigate and clear the dog fouling as soon as possible where it is required. The dog warden may then contact you and/or visit the area to assess how severe the problem is and take the appropriate action to deal with the problem.

Dog Fouling at the Hamcrate Playing Fields

Many thanks to everyone  for their comments on the issue of dog owners not clearing up their mess. Most people agree that the practice of letting dogs off the lead is not a good practice on the sports field as even the most diligent of owners can occasionally fail to notice that their dogs have done their business. Unfortunately we may be forced to designated the Sports Field as a no go area for dogs as owners have repeatedly allowed their dogs to foul the area.

Sport England Community Fund

Local sports clubs please note that Sport England have a new scheme which will offer up to £50,000 for capital items. They are particularly interested in schemes which will

  • improve and protect existing community sports facilities
  • invest in new and different places that meet the needs of local communities
  • contribute towards any of the key outcomes: physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, individual development, social and community development, economic development

Bids from a partnership of clubs and organisations are particularly welcome and although match funding is not a pre-requisite, it could strengthen the bid. Clubs that are interested in making a bid should contact the Parish Council using the contact form on this website.

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