This page details notification of Road Closures as received by the YRIPC.

For further details please contact Dorset Highways’ Traffic team on 01305 221020 or the company undertaking the works

You can view the Dorset County Council’s roadworks, closures and events map by clicking here

Wessex Water are working along the Ryme Road to Replace the water main.

Theses works are scheduled to last 6 months and they are providing weekly updates and additional notifications so that people are kept informed of progress. If the road network becomes flooded and impassable they will endeavour to clear their works so that there is access through Ryme to Common Lane. Unfortunately it is not possible to keep the road open at other times due to the need to have safe working conditions although every attempt to do this will be made where it is deemed possible.

Progress Updates as notified

27th January

We will be working again working this Saturday. In the event of the weather forecast being correct we are ensuring that although our road closure is in use the road will be safely passable if required.

24th January

Due to today’s weather conditions and the flooding of the by-pass route we have scaled down our works today as much as safely possible in order to open Rhyme road for use. There are works still in place however they are set up correctly with appropriate signage and fencing to accommodate the through traffic. Hopefully this will help. Unfortunately, please understand that this is an unforeseen circumstance and may set the team slightly back on our weekly forecast.

22th  January

We begin our phase into Rhyme village. As we work through the village all residents will have access to their homes & businesses at all times. We have put together a minimum inconvenience plan to tackle the village and possible issues. We aim to deal with each section as an approximate 100m section, complete our works in this section, re-in state and move to the next section.  As we pass through we shall liaise with residents in the relevant sections as we go advising them their best route of exit and entry to the phase. For the other residents and road users the road will be remaining closed and can we please ask as we pass through each section that the residents and visitors to exit Rhyme road towards Yetminster and until we pass through could they please exit through Rhyme Intrinseca.

For this phase we shall be using a different method of installation which will involve intermittent excavations and not trenching our way through your village. We are still on target to complete to schedule.

21st January

Works are now down to our site compound area and are now at the entrance to Rhyme Intrinseca. The team are again working Saturday to complete our mains works in the current zone. By close of play Saturday this will be re-instated and with the exception of two services left to transfer. Upon completion of these two our work in this phase is complete. The two services left will not require that section of Rhyme road to be closed. These two services will be completed in the first few days of week commencing 22/01/18. Meaning Rhyme road will then be open from Yetminster up to the entrance of Rhyme Intrinseca. Rhyme villagers to exit via Rhyme Intrinseca & all others via Yetminster.