Neighbourhood Plan May Update   

We are moving forward with our proposal for a consultation questionnaire. This will be delivered to every household and enable you all to have the chance to comment on the developing objectives and policies for the Neighbourhood Plan. We also like the idea of some form of NP Surgery whereby people can drop in and meet members of the team and, again, we are giving some thought as to the best times and location for this.

Our next grant application (funding is available from Central Government) has high priority and we hope to have this submitted by the time the WVM is distributed. As indicated in last month’s magazine there is a delay in the approval process so we do need to get this done if our overall timetable is not to slip so we are certainly burning the midnight oil getting everything together!

At last years’ Yetminster Fair we had a stall and our volunteers were kept busy answering questions about the plan throughout the afternoon. We felt that it was a great success and we have booked again for this year’s Fair on the 8th July so do look out for us and come and find out what’s going on.

Out of interest both Chetnole and Leigh are now also engaged on their own plans and we are sharing common ideas and information. As such, West Dorset District Council now has a total of 18 Neighbourhood Plans in preparation and, additionally, has two which have been approved.  Bearing in mind the amount of work involved this is a tremendous effort by all the community’s that are involved!

Following our request for a drone we now have an offer of help from a resident living in Brister End and are very grateful for this – we’ll be organising some photographic sessions once the weather has settled down so do give us a wave if you see us floating above you!

Don’t forget you can find us on Facebook – and also see our pages on both our own and the Parish Website – just put YRINP in your search engine.