Update on Progress – November 2016

We have been working to develop the ideas produced at our recent Community Meetings (as mentioned in our October report).
In brief, and naturally enough, with the proposed development of Folly Farm and of Ryme Road, discussion was, to say the least, lively with good contributions revolving around the question of housing, although a variety of other issues were raised helping to provide an emerging vision for the ensuing years.

It is clear that residents have a strong attachment to Yetminster and Ryme and they value the historic environment and the rural setting, but recognise that although Yetminster and Ryme are closely connected, each has its own distinctive character. It is also realised that unless communities evolve and grow there is a danger that they may stagnate and wither. To counter this it is recognised that some housing and employment development can have a positive and invigorating effect – the important caveat is however that this is coupled with the appropriate community facilities.

If there is to be new building, people felt that it should make a genuinely positive contribution to the built environment in terms of scale, design, materials, layout and density. Efforts should be made to engage providers such as housing associations and rural housing trusts to promote small scale incremental development which was seen as the way forward.

Also of concern was the fact that Yetminster no longer has an obvious village centre and a new focus including a village green would, it was felt, assist in providing a sense of identity.

This initial consultation has been an important first step towards producing our Neighbourhood Plan and the working group are very grateful to those who attended the sessions. The information will enable us to begin to develop and structure the Communities’ Vision and to explore how this can be achieved with relevance to the Environment; the Community; Housing; Transport & Infrastructure and Businesses.

If you were unable to come to any of the Community Meetings we would still welcome your views. For example: how much new housing do you think we need?; what kind of houses would you favour and where should they be?; should we encourage new business and light industry?; do we need better facilities?; what about play areas and communal open space?; how should we preserve the attractions of the villages?; what can be done to safeguard our rural surroundings?; what about the roads and footpaths and what about all the other essential services?