Update on Progress – January  / February 2017

We have been using the feedback we have received from the community to formulate our Vision – how we would like Yetminster, Ryme Intrinseca and Hamlet to be in the future – and our first draft of this is given below.

“Our vision takes us to 2031. The Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish of Yetminster, Ryme Intrinseca, part of Hamlet and the surrounding rural area will help us to protect the long term future of the villages as discrete and historic village communities in an attractive and productive rural setting. Some change must be expected, this should be organic and incremental so that any development is in keeping with the historic character of the villages and unobtrusive in the wider countryside”

To help deliver this vision we have identified a series of draft objectives – Housing; Economy & Business; Community; Environment & Design; Transport – and we have begun the process of developing the policies that will underlie these and enable us to deliver the Vision. Our appointed consultant will be helpful in this as she has a vast range of contacts and is involved with a number of other NP’s.

Ipadery have been labouring away on our behalf to published our Facebook page – facebook.com/YRINP – and we are hoping that people will sign up to use this to find out what is going on and to give us feedback.

The Steering Group is obviously aware of the Folly Farm and Ryme Road proposals and that we should perhaps recognise that further applications may be forthcoming in one form or another. It is therefore even more essential that we produce our Neighbourhood Plan and we continue to need the support of the community to do this and our recent article in the Wriggle Valley Magazine is again asking for volunteers to help us.


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