This is a list Rights of Way where problems have been found and reported to the Ranger Service

Date  Details Notes & UpdatesAction
28/04/2020N3411FP from Petits Farm, gateway from horses to sheep impassable MNT 47276. Going out of the sheep`s field there is an electric fence with no handle, in front of the style. MNT47277Resident has contacted the Ranger Service
28/04/2020N349FP that comes off Coles lane, MNT 47281 Obstruction of 2 x Sheep wire across FP, now been resolved.   
28/04/2020N348FP onto FP from Folly Fields Farm very overgrown in both directions, MNT 47278. Resident has contacted the Ranger Service
28/04/2020N344Top of Birch lane with Melbury Road  Gate off road padlocked. MNT47279. Resident has contacted the Ranger Service
28/04/2020N3425FP clear but rutted.   
28/04/2020N341Winterhayes to top of Mill Lane, clear but new style is quite high.   
28/04/2020N3421Chubbs Farm, Chetnole to join herbury Lane, clear.   
28/04/2020N3422clear from N34/1 to N34/21   
28/04/2020N345Track to Quarry Farm, fenced part is becoming overgrown.   Resident has contacted the Ranger Service
28/04/2020N3418Herbury Lane to Mill Lane clear.   
28/04/2020N3417Gate into Millenium wood , gate post broken, MNT 47248. Resident has contacted the Ranger Service
28/04/2020N294Corn field from Ryme to Yetminster. No 1 metre track.  MNT47365. Resident has contacted the Ranger Service
28/04/2020N3471st stile completely overgrown, with part of the farmers post and rail fence removed in order people can climb through. 2nd stile needs greenery trimming back. MNT47364. Resident has contacted the Ranger Service
28/04/2020N291FP should go diagonally across field but there is good headland to walk around on 2 sides of field.   
28/04/2020N3413Through Sports field passing Buckland`s Dairy, has a double electric fence with insulation, one with handle, awkward to cross   Ranger Service say its permissable
20/05/2020N3415Stile has gone and awkward climb. MNT47638 Resident has contacted the Ranger Service
20/05/2020N29 &N103 &16The stile has gone leaving a horizontal bar about a metre or 1.25m high. too high to step over but awkward to crawl under unless you are young and junction of N29/3 and N10/16MNT47665 Resident has contacted the Ranger Service
20/05/2020N2011Here there is stile 1 down onto a bridge then up to stile 2, bridge seems OK but both stiles are broken and seem to be risky, I did not try them. N20/11 maybe outside our jurisdiction?MNT47681 Resident has contacted the Ranger Service
06/07/2020N3415I tried to walk down Whittles Lane to see the diversion Ian Buckland had made, sadly I didn`t get very far as a small tree was down and then a large tree, but what was more worrying was what was under foot. smelly liquid.  yes it had been raining but not that much.MNT4858  
19/09/2020N34 & N3422 & 1Just where N34/22 meets N34/21 and just before the bridge over the Wriggle, the stumps supporting the step at the stile have rotted.20200930/1145 Referred to Range Service
04/10/2020N29 As an update on that footpath I emailed you about, yesterday it was in good condition – the landowner has driven a wheeled vehicle along it which has helped. It’s a good start and probably means that it will be kept clear. Of course, it will get very muddy but the same goes for many of our footpaths   
 N3428The bridleway N34/28, near the junctions with N31/12 and N31/10, is deeply rutted and after 1 day of rain very flooded. The ditches beside the bridleway have not been cleared for a long time meaning the rainwater cannot drain away. I have reported the problem to Dorset Council via online, refernce MNT49860, and also spoken to a Dorset Countryside Ranger who was in the lane.MNT49860  
08/11/2021N34/1 Old metal gate used as style very wobbly and becoming unscrewed. Step rottingMNT50031Gate removed and new stile installed in its place 
23/04/2020N34/1 A new stile has been built but it has problems. the cross-member is too high, one side of it is too short and there is a height to step over. it is not good bearing in mind this is a well used walk by many senior members of the village. why was the opportunity to put in a gate not taken?MNT47294Dave Ackerley on 02/02/2021 – Stile is too high at 120cm and needs second step the low side is 105 mm – need to contact ownerReported 
30/01/2021N31/10 Broken stile. The cross-member is no longer attached to the standing posts.MNT50778 Repaired
27/02/2021N34/15 Stile MissingMNT51082