St Andrews Church Restoration Fund

St Andrew’s is in need of some TLC and we have launched a Restoration Fund to enable the various works to be undertaken.

This restoration consists of three discrete projects: –

  1. Essential repairs to the tower and, in particular, to stop the ingress of water which might damage the clock, and other masonry repairs. 
  2. Replacement of the unsafe lighting and heating which has already been completed
  3. A ‘reordering’ of the interior to make it more versatile and user friendly for events and services. This entails the removal of the front two pews from the nave, lowering the floor to remove the existing trip hazard, and replacing the pews with high quality 4-seater portable/stackable pews, thereby providing a suitable open space which the church currently lacks.  The current pew frontal will be resited in front of the remaining fixed pews. Additionally, a small server will be installed in the south west corner complete with hot & cold water, so that hot drinks can be provided after services and at events. As far as possible this will be built from wood recovered from the pews.

Additionally, the much-needed work on the Church clock has also been undertaken

The Diocese has granted permission for all this work.  It is estimated that it will cost £160,000 and we hope that the majority of this will come from grants. To this end we have applied to the Heritage Lottery Fund and a number of other grant giving charities for financial assistance. All being well this help should be forthcoming later in the year.

Having said that, owing to the generosity of residents, both in giving donations and attending the events we have held over the last 15 months, and a little help from the government in the form of Gift Aid and VAT refund on work already done, we have raised in excess of £42,000 of the estimated £160,000 needed. 

If you would like to make a donation or would like to discuss how you can help, then please contact the fund organisers on 01935 873814.