The Y&RI Neighbourhood Plan – September Progress Update

It has been a bit quiet on the NP front, but it has very much been a time for fine tuning and doing all those things that we decided could be done “nearer the day”!

We now have all the photographs that we need thanks to the village’s own professional photographer and our technical bod has been developing the various maps that we will be using, and we are grateful to both volunteers for their help with these tasks.

AECOM, as well as providing their report on the site assessment process have now also produced, following their recent visit, the Design Statement that they were working on. This identifies what are considered elements of good design within the villages and will form a framework to be used in new development.     

Our consultant has the somewhat unenviable ongoing task of drawing everything together in our master document. As well as working on this she is able to complete, now that the Design Statement is available, the required Strategic Environmental Assessment which forms part of the NP “bundle” of documents (this is getting ever bigger!).  

The view of the Steering Group is that there is finally light at the end of the tunnel!!