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30 March – Coronavirus info re use of the Jubilee Hall updated, Walking Group meeting dates added to Walking Group pages
15 March – Details re consultation on the draft Dorset Local Plan updated as now closed
14 March – Agenda page updated to reflect 2021/2021; Minutes 2020/2021 archived but copy kept on current page pending March minutes
14 March – ROW Problem Spreadsheet removed and access / use of interactive active map to see reports explained
1 March – Format of ROW problems updated, Phot Gallery added to Walking Group page
18 February – DC Annual Residents Survey info updated, details of the consultation on the DC Local Plan added to Village Pages
17 February – “Home Pack” added to Coronavirus pages
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10 February – notification of temporary closure of part of the Wessex line added
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18 January 2020 – Flooding information updated

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16 January: Request for new Parish Councillor, Invitation to tender for the mgt of the Sports Club